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janicya-Large-261x300A new web-based application has been launched which helps you manage and document your child support payments and its free if you sign up by June 30, 2015. (Really free for the life of your child support payments).

SupportPay helps parents manage child support and share expenses by providing a neutral, transparent, and secure on-line portal  where you can track expenses, make payments and share documents directly with each other.

The system takes care of providing notifications, reminders, history, reports and storage so parents can spend less time arguing over finances and more time focused on their children.

Here is how it works:

Base support is scheduled. For additional expenses a parent enters the expense and attaches a receipt. SupportPay calculates each parent’s balance, shares receipts, provides notifications, and creates a certified record. When the other parent see the expense for their children they can make or schedule a payment.

SupportPay reduces conflict because all information is stored and communicated through a neutral web-based portal. Since all information is one place parents can quickly and easily access the data for taxes or filing our court documents in case of  a modification order is being sought.

Here is a good flow chart that shows how SupportPay takes over the management of the child support payment process after a child support order or a divorce decree has issued.

We are now recommending SupportPay to all of our law firm clients  as an efficient and positive way to manage child support payments.

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