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Free eBook on DivorceIf you are just beginning to think about separating and getting a divorce and don’t know what to do first, our just published free eBook on divorce titled “What You Need to Know About Getting a Divorce” is for you.  You can download it here.

Often when you first begin to think about breaking up you don’t know what to do first.

  • Should I consult with a lawyer?
  • Should I represent myself?
  • What is mediation?
  • What is collaborative divorce?
  • Should I empty my bank account and protect my assets?
  • Am I entitled child support?
  • Will I be accused of desertion if I leave my spouse?
  • How will property be divided?

What Can You Learned from this free eBook on Divorce?

This free eBook will help you to answer these questions and also help you to develop a strategy to pursue your divorce at the lowest possible cost. This is an introduction to a complex topic but it will help you to understand the issues that your are facing.

It is very possible to keep the cost of getting a divorce very low, if you and your spouse agreeing on the essential issues. If you agree on all of the key issues you will have an uncontested divorce.

Agreement will result in the execution of a Marital Separation Agreement. Once you have a Marital Separation Agreement your divorce becomes uncontested.

It is then possible for you to file your divorce papers with the court yourself and complete the rest of the steps on your own. This results in speed and greatly reduced legal fees. Instead of spending $10,000 or more in legal fees, pursue an uncontested divorce.

You and your spouse should  invest your resources in moving on with your life, rather than in legal fees. Retaining a lawyer should be your last resort.Start Your Divorce


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