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The “Self-Help Divorce” Concept

Self-Help DivorceWelcome to our blog on self-help divorce matters. Our goal is to help you represent yourself in an uncontested divorce. We will provide you with tips, information, and analysis on how you can secure a divorce without spending thousands of dollars on legal fees. We will also identify alternatives to the traditional way of getting a divorce. This includes identifying law firms that can help you with your divorce and which don’t charge a fortune.

About and Richard Granat

Richard S. Granat, Esq.This blog is authored by Richard Granat, a family law attorney based in Maryland, who is the publisher of this and other divorce web sites.  One of my passions is figuring out how to help people divorce peacefully and get on with their lives, without spending thousands of dollars on legal fees.  If you have children, the money is better spent on your children rather than on legal fees.

In the early days of the Internet, I become intrigued by the potential of the Internet as a means to lower the cost of legal services.  In 1998,  I established Granat Legal Services, P.C.,  to demonstrate the concept of a law firm delivering legal services over the Internet.

A virtual law firm is one which offers legal services in online at a price that people of moderate and middle income can afford. At about the same time I also created the Divorce Law Information Center to provide automated legal forms to consumers directly to enable them to represent themselves. Since then our enterprise has grown to over 40 state specific legal form web sites.

The Lowest Cost Way to Get a Divorce

In conclusion, often just having the correct legal forms will be sufficient to resolve your divorce or family law matter. This is the lowest cost way to solve your legal problem.
Check back here often to learn about the latest developments in self-help representation in divorce and other family law matters. We cover such topics as “unbundled legal services” ; new developments in divorce law among the various states; and new approaches to resolving your disputes during a “break-up” .

Breaking up is always hard to do. We hope we can make this project a little bit easier for you.

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