Make Your Divorce Uncontested

Uncontested Divorce- Lets AgreeWe know from experience that many couples can handle their own, no-fault, uncontested divorce maintaining control over their divorce action. Since 1998, we have helped tens of thousands of couples do their own divorce through our Web site at Divorce Law Information Center.

The lowest cost way for you to get a divorce is to represent yourself in your own divorce action and to work with your spouse to make your divorce uncontested. If you need legal advice, you are better off purchasing legal advice by the question or session from a law firm that specializes in divorce and family matters.There are many law firms that now offer what is call “unbundled” or “limited” legal services over the Internet that will sell legal advice by the question. For a list of these law firms see the Law Firm Directory on My own virtual law firm in Maryland, for example,  sells legal advice by the question or by the session at MDFAMILYLAWYER.COM

If there are only one or two issues that divide you and your spouse try to resolve these issues in mediation, which will cost you between $500.00 and $1,000. Once all of your issues are resolved you can enter into a Marital Separation Agreement which makes your divorce uncontested. Once your divorce becomes uncontested, it is simply a matter of processing the paperwork and participating in an uncontested divorce hearing which  usually lasts no more than an hour. In some states a hearing is not even  necessary.

To purchase state specific legal forms, go to a an automated legal forms web site like the Divorce Law Information Center, where you have a choice between purchasing either forms with specific instructions for a low price. ($39.00 for divorce forms). You have another choice which is to purchase legal forms which are “prepared” by a paralegal or legal technician. We offer this service as well from the Divorce Law Information Center, but the price is much higher because we know that consumers like to think that a paralegal adds something to the document preparation process. The reality is that the legal forms are identical and a paralegal cannot give you any legal advice. Thus your best value is either to purchase forms only, or you can often purchase legal forms bundled with legal advice from an attorney for the same price you would pay if you purchased a document preparation service. has a listing of law firms in many states that will offer uncontested divorce forms bundled with legal advice for under $300.00. This is your best value.

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