Get Your Free Will When You Get Divorced

Free Will with Our Divorce Forms

Free Will with Our Divorce Forms

When you get divorced, you need to make new versions of your Will, Power of Attorney, and Living Will/Health Care Power of Attorney!  

Here’s Why You Need New Estate Planning Documents

You will need to change your Will and other estate planning documents after you get divorced to protect yourself, your family, and your heirs.

If you end up disabled and cannot take care of your financial affairs, your old power of attorney will no longer be valid and won’t be accepted by a financial institution unless you have your new name on it.

If you die unexpectedly, and you don’t have new estate planning documents it will create all sorts of complications in terms of “probating” your Will and making sure that your heirs receive what you intended them to receive.

Free Will, Power of Attorney and Living Will/Health Care Power of Attorney

Some courts and other divorce forms sites  will provide divorce forms for free, but here’s what you DON’T get:

1)  a free last Will and testament; 2) a free power of attorney; and 3) a free living will/healthcare power of attorney.

These are critical documents that need to be updated when you get divorced.  If you haven’t prepared these documents yet, now’s a great time to do it!  Take care of the important decisions that will protect your heirs; make your final wishes known; and protect yourself in the case of disability.

Extra Value When You Purchase Your divorce forms from the The Divorce Law Information Center.

When you purchase our divorce forms, we add to your secure client portal a free Will, power of attorney, and living will/health care power of attorney. These critical documents are powered by our proprietary document assembly solution which enables you to complete an online questionnaire and immediately  print out these documents ready for execution. Detailed execution instructions are also provided.

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